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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Released: Oct 31, 2006

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New Orleans Hip-Hop
New Orleans Hip..

Hip-Hop/R&B: 2009

Modern New Orleans
Modern New Orle..

Like Father Like Son – Birdman

LoyaltyBirdman & Lil Wayne1:57$0.99
Over Here Hustlin'Birdman & Lil Wayne4:52$0.99
Stuntin' Like My Daddy (Street Versi..Birdman & Lil Wayne4:27$1.29
1st KeyBirdman & Lil Wayne4:14$0.99
Like Father Like SonBirdman & Lil Wayne4:22$0.99
You Ain't KnowBirdman & Lil Wayne4:24$0.99
Family RulesBirdman & Lil Wayne0:44$0.99
Know What I'm Doin'Birdman & Lil Wayne4:31$0.99
Don't DieBirdman & Lil Wayne3:55$0.99
Ain't Worried Bout Sh*tBirdman & Lil Wayne3:46$0.99
Out the PoundBirdman & Lil Wayne4:17$0.99
Leather So SoftBirdman & Lil Wayne4:51$0.99
Army GunzBirdman & Lil Wayne4:04$0.99
ProtectorBirdman & Lil Wayne0:37$0.99
Get That MoneyBirdman & Lil Wayne4:43$0.99
No MoreBirdman & Lil Wayne4:39$0.99
HighBirdman & Lil Wayne4:02$0.99
Cali DroBirdman & Lil Wayne4:31$0.99
About All ThatBirdman & Lil Wayne4:31$0.99
RespectBirdman & Lil Wayne0:35$0.99
Stuntin' Like My Daddy (Rock Remix)Birdman & Lil Wayne4:40$0.99
Brown Paper BagBirdman & Lil Wayne3:45$0.99
Neighborhood SuperstarsBirdman & Lil Wayne3:40$0.99
I'm Ridin'Birdman & Lil Wayne4:32$0.99
ShooterLil Wayne4:37$1.29
.Digital Booklet - Like Father Like S..Birdman & Lil Wayne--Album Only

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Our Review

Cash Money CEO Birdman is not a rapper by trade, but he has enough clout and gritty New Orleans attitude to pull off albums of his own. Of course, Birdman is only the name on the marquee — the star of this show is Lil Wayne. It’s easy to assume that Like Father Like Son would be stronger as a Wayne solo album, but that theory discounts the ways in which Birdman and Wayne’s voices blend and complement each other. Birdman’s stolid, workmanlike delivery is the perfect set-up for Wayne’s mischievous detours. When they collaborate on the perfectly pitched sticky soul of “1st Key” or “Don’t Die” it's hard to imagine a more effective duo. Still, Like Father Like Son catches Wayne in the middle of his banner season (2006-2007), and he gets all the best lines. “About All That” blends James Brown with Black Sabbath, as Wayne proclaims himself “mashed potato smooth,” but it is the title track that really enlivens his imagination: “I put you niggas in the closet in the shirt space / You niggas yellow like Sesame Street Bert's face / Worst case scenario, burial / Two tone Carara like Mascara / The G4 take your boy wherever.”


Customer Reviews

One of the best album this year. (5 stars)
okay first of all this album is just $10 for like 21 or 24 songs n thats crazy. also i cant even find a bad songs, so dats gud. but i think chamillionare's album is more better. TOP SONGS: 1) Get That Money 2) Stuntin' Like My Daddy 3) About All Dat 4) Like Father Like Son 5) Army Gunz & Cali Dro & every songz WTF WITH THIS KINNA ALBUM U DONT NEED A TOP SONGS. im really impress.

Cash Money General and President (4 stars)
With Lil' Wayne's mass popularity and growth, Birdman joins with his fellow artist to create a collab album for the streets. Over Here Hustlin: Average track that has a solid beat. Nice opener. 3/5 Stuntin Like My Daddy: Hit single that has fire on the production, Wayne kills it and Birdman adds a solid verse as well. Hit track. 4/5 1st Key: Production is so so, they describe drug life. 3/5 Like Father, Like Son: Average production, both

Simply the Best! (5 stars)
For all the people who don't believe that Wayne is the best and have the nerve to call him a main stream rapper, know nothing a about rap or hip-hop. No one comes out with 5 to 10 mix tapes a year like Weezy and everyone single one of them four stars or better. He's a true lyric's and this album just shows me how focus he is at holding on to his crown.


Born: February 15, 1969 in New Orleans, LA
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

When he's doing business, Cash Money Records CEO Bryan Williams uses his real name, but when he grabs the mike to spit Dirty South raps, Williams goes by the names Birdman or Baby. Williams formed Cash Money in 1991 with his brother Ronald "Slim" Williams. Releases by B.G., the Hot Boys, Juvenile, and many others built the Cash Money empire into a Dirty South powerhouse. Williams himself displayed his vocal skills on the Hot Boys albums, but it was with Cash Money's in-house producer, Mannie Fresh,...

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Top Songs By Birdman & Lil Wayne

Pop Bottles (feat. Lil Wayne)5 * Stunna3:25$1.29
Money to Blow (Street Version)Pricele$$ (Deluxe Edition)4:18$1.29
Stuntin' Like My Daddy (Street Versi..Like Father Like Son4:27$1.29
Fire Flame (feat. Lil Wayne)Fire Flame (feat. Lil Wayne..4:20$1.29
Always Strapped (feat. Lil Wayne)Always Strapped (feat. Lil ..3:28$1.29
4 My Town (Play Ball)Pricele$$ (Deluxe Edition)4:21$1.29
Y.U. MAD (feat. Nicki Minaj & Li..Y.U. MAD (feat. Nicki Minaj..3:07$1.29
I Run This (feat. Lil Wayne)5 * Stunna3:31$0.99
I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)To the Sky4:09$1.29
Leather So SoftLike Father Like Son4:51$0.99

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US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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