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Genre: Alternative

Released: Oct 31, 2006

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Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol

Rock: 2006
Rock: 2006

'00s Adult Alternative
'00s Adult Alte..

AOL Sessions – EP – Snow Patrol

Chasing Cars (Live)Snow Patrol4:25$1.29
You're All I Have (Live)Snow Patrol4:27$1.29
Hands Open (Live)Snow Patrol3:11$1.29
Run (Live)Snow Patrol5:32$1.29
You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You?..Snow Patrol3:10$0.99

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Customer Reviews

wow people (5 stars)
you guys dont get it. its truly rare for a band to sound good on a live recording. If you think this is what the vocals sound like live you're stupid. Gary Lightbody is truly an amazing vocalist. go see a concert and then decide if you think he is good. Also as an example of what im talking about listen to the red hot chili peppers on AOL sessions the vocals are horrible but actually in concert they are great. It has to do with the ampli

Decent, but want more soul... (3 stars)
The sound is decent, but it's lacking that energy their live shows embrace so well. Maybe it's the song selection, or the uneven mixture of instruments to vocals... whatever it is, something's missing. But decent effort overall in my opinion.

Puh-Lease everyone (2 stars)
If you really weren't a fan of this recording, and someone else has already put your opinions into the reviews--give it a rest! just say that the review was useful. Otherwise, people will have to sift through a load of comments saying the same thing when your simple Yes/No agreement would suffice very well. As for SP covering Bright Eyes-- hats off to them. I can't tell you how many people don't know Bright Eyes, but know Snow Patrol (si


Formed: 1994 in Dundee, Scotland
Genre: Alternative
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

After failing to secure an international audience for nearly ten years, Snow Patrol broke into the mainstream with 2003's Final Straw, a mega-selling album that showcased the band's fondness for epic, melancholic rock. The group had originally stuck closer to the pop realm, releasing quirky albums that took more cues from Belle & Sebastian than Coldplay (to whom the band would later draw many comparisons). Final Straw proved to be a turning point, however, paving...

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Eyes Open

Final Straw

Fallen Empires

A Hundred Mill..

Up to Now

Top Songs By Snow Patrol

Chasing CarsEyes Open4:25$1.29
RunFinal Straw5:56$1.29
Set the Fire to the Third BarEyes Open3:22$0.69
Called Out in the DarkFallen Empires4:01$1.29
ChocolateFinal Straw3:11$1.29
Just Say YesUp to Now4:41$1.29
Open Your EyesEyes Open5:38$0.99
Hands OpenEyes Open3:15$1.29
Shut Your EyesEyes Open3:15$1.29
You Could Be HappyEyes Open3:01$1.29

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