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Genre: Pop

Released: 1995

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The Goo Goo Dolls
The Goo Goo Dol..


'00s Adult Alternative
'00s Adult Alte..

A Boy Named Goo – The Goo Goo Dolls

Long Way DownGoo Goo Dolls3:28$1.29
Burnin' UpGoo Goo Dolls2:29$1.29
NakedGoo Goo Dolls3:43$1.29
Flat TopGoo Goo Dolls4:30$1.29
ImpersonalityGoo Goo Dolls2:41$1.29
NameGoo Goo Dolls4:30$1.29
Only OneGoo Goo Dolls3:18$1.29
Somethin' BadGoo Goo Dolls2:30$1.29
Ain't That UnusualGoo Goo Dolls3:19$1.29
So LongGoo Goo Dolls2:33$1.29
Eyes Wide OpenGoo Goo Dolls3:56$1.29
DisconnectedGoo Goo Dolls3:00$1.29
Slave GirlGoo Goo Dolls2:17$1.29

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Our Review

It took five albums for the Goo Goo Dolls to break into the mainstream – but once they did, the results were spectacular. The scrappy Buffalo trio turned A Boy Named Goo (1995) into a tour-de-force of working class frustration, wounded idealism and hard-won grace. Remarkably, the band took a steady-eyed shot at big-time success without compromising its underlying bash-and-thrash ethic and hit the jackpot on its own terms. Singer/guitarist John Rzeznik applies his raw-throated yowl to the best set of shout-along pop/rockers of the band’s career, wringing spasms of feeling out of “Long Down,” “Only One” and similar hard-pop tunes. Bassist Robby Takac’s less-abrasive vocals lend “Burnin’ Up” and “Somethin’ Bad” a touch of honey to balance the sonic vinegar. The band careens its way through anthemic ballads like “Ain’t That Unusual” and nicely nasty rockers like “Slave Girl” with roughneck delight. The throbbing heart of the album is “Name,” a melancholy rock aria sung by Rzeznik with hit-making bravura. A Boy Named Goo seethes with the sort of brazen yet naïve ambition that only a gang of street punks could muster, resulting in an unexpected commercial and artistic triumph.


Customer Reviews

Real Classic (5 stars)
this is one of my favorite GGD albums, all of the songs are great but I think the best ones are Long Way Down, Burnin Up, Naked, Flat Top, Name, Only One, Ain't that Unuaual, and Eyes Wide Open. Still all of the songs are great and I recommend all of th album

Possibly Best Goo Goo Album EVER (5 stars)
In my opinion, this is one of the best albums of all time for any artist, and certainly one of the best Goo Goo Dolls albums ever. My high school classmates got me listening to these guys when "A Boy Named Goo" first came out, and I've been loving them ever since. The songs are memorable and danceable, and the album is a good first introduction to this amazing band. Build your collection up from this one. (As a sidebar, I CAN'T WAI

A boy name goo (5 stars)
This is an excellent album, I still listen to it here and there. "Name" really put them on the map, but the rest of the album is great. I wish they didn't sell out though. They were more of an alternative rock band, then all the albums after that seem more like love ballads. Overall, I still like them.


Formed: 1985 in Buffalo, NY
Genre: Rock
Years Active: '80s, '90s, '00s, '10s

Early in their career, the Goo Goo Dolls were frequently dismissed by critics as mere imitators of the Replacements; however, they refined and mainstreamed their sound to become one of the most popular adult alternative rock bands of the 1990s, selling millions of records to audiences largely unfamiliar with their influences. That's no knock on the band, either — the music simply improved in craft and accessibility as the years progressed, and radio happened to be receptive to a style that,...

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NameA Boy Named Goo4:30$1.29
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